Welcome to PAPPAS ALEXIOU DESIGN STUDIO, based in Sydney, Australia. We are an international award-winning design studio passionate about the art and science of designing buildings and their design possibilities. Design with architectural skills, knowledge and experience lead to practical, concrete results and solutions.

Our success is based on a simple philosophy: Collaboration and an integrated approach. Our role is to pre-empt your every need and deliver the end result leaving no detail unattended while exceeding your every expectation.

We specialise in responsive design solutions across most sectors including but not limited to, private homes and apartments, residential developments, retail showrooms, corporate workspaces, hospitality projects and museums.

Our mission is to help you bring your vision to life.  

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The era of optimism is here!

Jetset Homes are modernist inspired pavilion-style homes that bring together architectural excellence with superb interiors. These glass-raptured icons with 3 metre ceilings comprise an outstanding array of cabana, studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes, as well as decks (with or without pools), and carports across its generous expanse.

Until now, the marriage between untold luxury indoor-outdoor living has been widely sought-after yet difficult to obtain. As the new standard in luxury living, Jetset Homes seamlessly brings both these offerings together in outstanding residences. Bringing together flawless design principles, superb finishes and a respect for space, Jetset Homes elevates the standard of living to a new high.

Avant-garde modernist homes

Inspired by the lifestyle of the 1950s and 1960s, modernism is the architecture of ideas, forward-looking style as a vehicle for social change to create a better society and quality of life. These handsome homes incorporate many great design ideas that have fuelled decades of innovation. These universal design ideas have been cleverly re-awakened in MCM Homes.

Characterised by flat planes, large glass windows and open space, these homes feature simplicity and integration with nature, encouraging residents to explore the world in new ways. Passive-solar designs that are highly sustainable, MCM Homes are cost-effective and affordable design solutions and come in a number of design options.